Case Study:
The Sunshine Soap Company


The Sunshine Soap Company The Sunshine Soap Company is a start-up that aims to provide its customers with handmade, organic, and vegan soaps, while also giving back to the community. They believe that they can help people overcome skin issues with the natural ingredients they use, and they are committed to donating a portion of their soaps to local shelters.

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The Challenge:

The challenge for Thrasker, as the digital marketing agency, was to help Sunshine Soap grow its brand awareness and increase its sales.

The Solution:

As a start-up, we aimed to utilize Facebook's A/B testing to understand their target audience, their preferences, and the most effective strategies. To achieve this, we conducted comprehensive industry research to determine the target audience and their buying habits. This research played a crucial role in making our Catalog Sales campaigns successful by reaching the right people, in the right place, at the right time. The combination of research, low client acquisition costs, and the Meta platform's convenient shopping options contributed to a remarkable performance by Sunshine Soap.


The impact of Thrasker's marketing strategy was evident in the impressive results achieved. The substantial boost in CTR, conversions and conversion rate indicated that the target audience was successfully reached and engaged with the messaging. These numbers, although not representing exact values, demonstrate the significant growth in metrics from before Thrasker became involved.




in Returning Customers


in Conversions


in Conversion Rate


Growth for Sunshine is at the point of scaling, we are going to need to increase the ad spend while increasing the conversion rates to optimize for the best ROAS. The Catalog Sales will continue to be utilized for small purchases while we test other options to promote new products and the new subscription service that Sunshine Soap is now offering.