Terms & Conditions

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Thrasker has access to customer’s web accounts and all files related to the website. Thrasker is not responsible for any punitive damage done to accounts, even if forewarned by the customer. It is Thrasker’s responsibility to not store any credentials in any database and to solely use the account for the intended purposes.
Payment Failure
Failure of Customer to pay for services may result in a total website shut down. If the website is shut down, the customer is able to resume service (if permissible) at anytime upon paying for service.
Once executed, the Subscription Agreement may be canceled by the Customer, following 30 days written notice. All deposits and payments by the Customer at the time of written notice will not be refundable by Thrasker. Once contract is terminated, all website and related files will be taken offline. The Customer does not own any associated website files, programs, plugins, graphics, etc.
Thrasker hosts and maintains all websites in our server that is protected through encryption and data analysis. Customers are not allowed to host their own website or use another company to host the website.
Terms and Conditions
Thrasker holds the right to update the terms and conditions for which they deem necessary. All terms and conditions can be seen at ThraskerSolutions.com/terms