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The "RBH" logo is designed to make a bold and impactful statement. The initials "RBH" are featured prominently in bold capital letters, creating a strong visual presence. The navy color chosen for the letters exudes a sense of trust, professionalism, and authority. Beneath the initials, the text "Government Sales and Search" is displayed in a contrasting red color. This text provides clarity and context, describing the company's focus and expertise. The red color adds a vibrant touch and grabs attention, while also conveying energy and passion. On the left side of the logo, a box is positioned, and within it is a vector illustration of the White House. This iconic symbol represents government and authority, aligning perfectly with the company's specialization in government sales and search.

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Behind the idea

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The process of designing the "RBH" logo began with thorough research to understand the brand's identity and target audience. Multiple concepts were explored, focusing on bold typography and a navy color scheme to convey professionalism and reliability. Red was introduced as a contrasting color to highlight the secondary text, "Government Sales and Search," symbolizing energy and passion. The iconic White House illustration was carefully incorporated to represent the brand's specialization in government-related services. Through iteration and refinement, a balanced composition was achieved, ensuring the logo's versatility across various mediums. The final design effectively captures attention, communicates authority, and conveys the brand's focus on government sales and search.

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