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The "Momentum" logo is designed to convey a sense of energy, progress, and strength, aligning with the brand's core values. The logo features a bold sans serif font, reflecting a modern and confident aesthetic.The iis designed to work well in various contexts, such as digital and print applications. It should be scalable and easily recognizable even at smaller sizes. The simplicity and clarity of the design will ensure its versatility and effectiveness across different mediums.

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Behind the idea

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The primary focus of the logo is the letter 'M,' which is creatively enhanced to represent momentum. One half of the 'M' is modified to incorporate an icon resembling a spine, symbolizing strength, flexibility, and forward motion. The spine icon is meticulously crafted to resemble the natural curves and structure of a spine, conveying a sense of dynamism and resilience.The font chosen for the typography is a bold sans serif typeface. The clean and strong lines of this font reinforce the brand's bold and progressive nature. The letterforms are carefully spaced and sized for optimum legibility and impact.

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