Why Should I Hire a Website Developer?

Technical SEO isn't the only important aspect of a site.
Design matters to users and robots.


Whether you’ve started a new business, or have an established business, in just about any industry, technology changes have made it imperative that you have an online presence. The level of your company’s online presence is dictated by the importance of reaching new and existing clients. If your business does not need to advertise to obtain new clients and you are looking to simply legitimize your business online, then you could possibly choose a DIY website builder for a relatively low cost. But remember, you get what you pay for!

If your business is reliant on a constant flow of potential new clients, or you are looking to grow by building your client base, then your online presence is a critical component in satisfying those needs. In this case, a DIY website builder will not offer the ability to create a complex and robust website that will deliver your needs.

Reasons to Hire a Website Developer

Unless you have a computer science degree or experience in the complexity of website design, you should consider the following reasons to hire a website developer:

  • 1. Professionalism – developers are experts at determining your needs and translating those needs into a website design that will look much more professional than a hobbyist or DIY created site. The end result will bring inherent business value
  • 2. Custom Design – Developers will take the time to understand the customer’s needs and design a site that will drive towards meeting those needs. As an example, if the customer wants to entice potential clients to fill out a data form, the developer will design a site that will most efficiently achieve that goal.
  • 3. Focus on Customer Needs – Every business looks to enhance the customer experience. Developers will design a site that will give the customer the best experience when visiting your site. This includes attractive designs, simple navigation, and improved usability.
  • 4. State of the Art – Developers are highly specialized in their field and are constantly aware of updated technologies. These updated technologies will be implemented in designs as needed to ensure staying ahead in the digital race.
  • 5. Additional Services – Developers offer webmaster and maintenance services to ensure sites are relevant and professional.
  • 6. SEO – Developers provide in-house expertise on how to provide SEO services. Not only will the site be designed with SEO in mind, it will structure content to ensure Search Engine Optimization.

Sure, you will spend a bit more when you hire a developer versus the DIY website builders. But it will be worth it in the end because a good developer will work with you every step of the way to make sure you are satisfied with the final product. At Thrasker, we provide solutions to the exorbitant fees charged by our competition with low rates matched with superior customer service.