So you're interested in getting a brand new website or a complete redesign of your current site? You have come to the right place. Our websites are custom coded and fully tailored to become a lead generation machine. Whether you're a brick and motor store or an on-line only business we have you covered. Here are some of the main reasons we dominate the web development industry.

All of our sites are custom coded, which means we have the ability to make each site 100% customizable and unique. We are able to tweak manipulate over 1000 more variables than a temp-lated or website builder site.

Our sites are also integrated with social media! There will be an icon that will link each viewer to your channels or we can easily embed some of the social media features directly on your site! An example would be embedding your instagram feed directly on your website. All you would have to do is post a picture on instagram and it will automatically post it on the website aswell!

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All of our sites have Google Analytics embedded in the back end. This allows us and the client to login to a user friendly portal to see all of the analytics and web traffic that is going to and from your site!

As we progress into future generations one thing is for sure, mobile is taking over Internet surfing. Stay ahead of your competition  and increase your mobile conversion by having a responsive website. A responsive website simply means that it has been constructed to look the same on all devices, so that they are getting the full view of the site.

Technically speaking, search engine optimization is the process of manipulating the algorithm that search engines use in a way that your web-page’s content will match as many conditions for the algorithm as possible. There are many different ways that can do this. These methods range from making the most efficient use of tags, URLs, page names, and images to creating creative and unique content for your website. We at Thrasker will use these techniques and more to correctly and effectively optimize your webpages for search engines.


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