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The primary goal of maintenance is to avoid or mitigate the consequences of failure of equipment. This may be by preventing the failure before it actually occurs which Planned Maintenance and Condition Based Maintenance help to achieve. It is designed to preserve and restore equipment reliability by replacing worn components before they actually fail. Preventive maintenance activities include partial or complete overhauls at specified periods, oil changes, lubrication, minor adjustments, and so on. In addition, workers can record equipment deterioration so they know to replace or repair worn parts before they cause system failure. The ideal preventive maintenance program would prevent all equipment failure before it occurs.


 A healthy computer is one that is physically clean, has no malware, and has its files all backed up.

 In order to physically clean a computer, make sure that there is never any food or liquid near the workspace. If there is any dust that has gathered on the work equipment, make sure to dust it off because dust can inhibit system performance.


 To ensure that your computer has no viruses, make sure that your computer has a trusted antivirus installed. Nowadays, antiviruses should be able to keep most if not all viruses away from your computer. However, sometimes viruses may still find a way into your system. If this is the case, you may need to run a separate malware/spyware detection program that can detect and fix the problems.


 Make sure that all of your files are backed up at all times. In the case of a major system malfunction, your files can still be safe and secure. There are two ways to do this: local storage and remote storage. Local storage is storing your files in a physical device that is close to you. The most common device that is used for this purpose is USB flash drives and external hard drives. Remote storage basically means cloud storage. This means that your files are stored through an upload to the Internet.


Computer Maintenance

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